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Mad Mulligans Bricks and Batteries

Oi! Oi! Oi! Bricks and Batteries gonna fly tonight!! Bricks n batteries gonna make it right!!! We are beyond stoked to have Mad Mulligans on Vol#1 of our 1312 compilation series. Never heard of em? Don't fucking worry they are brand spanking new! This killer fucking band formed in last year during lockdown and released "Who are the Mad Mulligans?" last december! This album fuckin' kicks royal ass so do yourself a favor and give it a spin! We can't wait to see these crazy bastards perform it live and what else they plan to unleash in the future! 1312

Mad Mulligans - Brooklyn, New York

Traditional Punk/Oi! from veterans of the NYC punk and hardcore scene...In the vain of Sham 69, the Business, Cockney Rejects, et thug hardcore

"We formed out of frustration during the lockdown last year bouncing ideas off each other...then all of a sudden we had multitudes of songs to work on...we all sing lead vocals throughout the ep...we also opened up the recording to anyone who had access to recording abilities...all crowd vocals are done by veteran punks and hc alumni...we even got jim threat from the vintage uk band threats...threats were around during the late 70s when this all started"

THE SUSPECTS Johnny Kray Albee Damned Wynn Skism Rich Obrien

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